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We hope you will send us a course proposal for OLLI at DU! We offer 400 courses and webinars a year via in-person, Zoom and hybrid formats. Some courses meet off site or integrate a “field trip” experience. Course types include deep dives into a multitude of subjects with different formats, including multimedia presentations, books, movies, art and photos. Our courses typically offer informal discussions and plenty of social interaction.

The joy of learning and the fascinating courses our facilitators lead are exactly why our members come back year after year. Do you have an idea for a course that just won’t go away? Perhaps it is a topic you have always been interested in and you want to do a deep dive into the content. The very best way to fully understand a topic is to teach it to others! And with such deep experience and so many diverse backgrounds represented in our courses, discussions will lead into new territory. It is fascinating and interesting to be in front of OLLI at DU members whether you are in person or via Zoom.

OLLI at DU offers 4-6- and 8-week courses in three terms: fall, winter, and spring. These courses are offered Monday afternoons, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the morning or afternoon and are typically two hours long. OLLI at DU also conducts interesting one-time topical Webinars that have become very popular. These are a good way to test an idea for a longer course or to condense one of your longer courses into a 90-minute presentation.

OLLI at DU also offers one-time presentations and webinars which are free to our members.  If  you would like to present during our Fall Recess or Summer Shorts webinars or have an idea for a one-time presentation or webinar, contact our Curriculum Manager, Maria Elena Garcia ( Presenting a webinar is a great way to "step-into" facilitating for OLLI at DU!

New to Facilitating.  Read our Embrace Being a Faciliator article for helpful tips to begin:  Click here for article

Click on the Course Proposal Tab to download form and see information on what to include.


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