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OLLI at DU is coming out of the pandemic disruption with new energy, focus and commitment to serve our members. At OLLI at DU’s core are the high quality in-person and online courses (4-6-8-week courses during Fall, Winter and Spring Terms) you have come to expect over our 27-year history. We will continue to deliver the learning that makes this program special.

You also have ever expanding choices for your OLLI at DU membership.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the new pricing model

When it comes to membership and pricing, what is annual and what is based on each term?

An annual OLLI at DU membership fee ($65) can be purchased each August or thereafter. It is good for one academic year. A membership allows you to register for courses that can be used during that academic year (mid-August to mid-August).


How will I know how many courses I have purchased and used?

  • Courses purchased will be put into a member's account and can be used at any time during that academic year (August-May). Your personal online account balance will show how many courses you have left. There is no refund for unused courses


Will this price change cost me more?

  • It depends on how much you use the service or in OLLI at DU’s case, how many classes you take annually. Instead of paying the same price if you take three, five or fifteen courses annually, you will see a price differentiation.
    • If you take one or two courses during each of the three annual terms, you will be paying less than the current pricing model. (e.g., if you sign up for one class per term, you will pay $65 for membership and benefits and $65 per class for three terms = $260 (vs the current price of $140 x 3 terms = $420).
    • For a point of reference, the average OLLI member takes 5.1 courses annually and under the new pricing model, if you take six courses each year, you will save $100 annually.
    • If you sign up for a heavy load of classes, say 5 per term, this new pricing plan will cost a bit more annually ($80 to be exact), but the more classes you take, the less each class costs. (e.g., taking one class annually costs $65 per course, while purchasing a 15-course annual package costs $33 per course). If you take more courses per term, the hourly course costs are less than a Starbucks coffee.


I am on a fixed income and am worried about paying all at once for the year.

  • We would encourage you to only pay the membership fee and pay for the number of courses you plan to take in the first term. Between the fall and winter terms, you can trade up to a new package and pay only the difference. This will spread out your cash outlay over several months. OLLI at DU also has a scholarship program for those who find paying for courses a financial hardship.

Will online courses have a different fee than in-person?

  • No. Online and in-person courses have the same per course cost.


Will it be the same price for 4-6- and 8-week courses?

  • Yes. Mostly we wanted to keep pricing simple and understandable without a lot of different charts. Most members will take a mix of 4-6 and 8-week classes and therefore it all comes out in the wash, so to speak. We hope people will take the classes that they really want and not base their decisions on the duration of each class.


Is the annual fee going to be prorated if a person joins OLLI at DU perhaps in March instead of August?

  • No, the annual membership fee is effective mid-August to mid-August and will not be based on the time of purchase. That said, OLLI at DU will be offering significant benefits throughout the year, including summer webinars that more than make up for the fee, even if you join in March. To get the most out of your membership you should purchase it in August.


If I buy a 6-course package, take 2 courses in the Fall, take 2 courses in the Winter and I get to registration for the Spring and want to take 3 courses, making a total of 7 courses for the year, would I just pay an additional $65 in the Spring?

  • Yes, but if you can make the decision to take additional classes before the spring term you could save money.


What if I move, can I get a refund?

  • We will not typically refund unused courses, but if there is a very special circumstance, please call and talk with us.


Will registration still be first come, first served?

  • Yes, registration will still be first come, first served, so please register for courses as soon as possible.


Can you “buy up” during the term?

  • You can buy up to a bigger course package and pay only the incremental cost before the winter term, but not between winter and spring terms.


Is the $65 membership a yearly fee or each term?

  • The membership fee is annual and is based on mid-August to mid-August. (to include all three terms, Fall Recess and Summer Shorts). Course packages are available for use during the terms (Fall, Winter and Spring)


Is this price increase paying for a lot more staff and budget for OLLI at DU?

  • OLLI at DU has fewer Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff than at the beginning of the 2022- 23 academic year and before the pandemic. We are an efficient, hardworking team of mostly part-time people who work between 5 and 19 hours per week. The only full-time employee is the Executive Director. The annual budget before the pandemic was $1,050,000 and for 2022-23 it was $613,000.


Do facilitators get any benefits under this new pricing plan?

  • Yes, free classes are still provided to facilitators. If you facilitate a class for OLLI at DU, we will put three free classes into your account. If you facilitate three classes during the year, you will have nine free classes. We also offer an early registration option (three days early), so facilitators can have their first choice of classes. All facilitators will need to pay the $65 annual membership fee like everyone else.




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