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Discounted Course Packages   

To participate in any OLLI course, trip, or event, you must first join OLLI at DU ($65 annually from August-August). NOTE: OLLI at DU memberships run for one academic year, so the earlier you purchase them, the more value you will receive. The cost covers an array of membership benefits provided by the program during the year. Once you have joined, you then have a choice of purchasing single courses or a package of courses at a lower per-course cost that can be used over the three terms of the academic year (Sept.-May). Course packages are good for one academic year before expiring!


Click here to purchase an OLLI at DU annual membership and then return to this page to purchase a course package.  If you choose not to buy a package, once you select your courses, you will be charged $65 per course at checkout.  Course packages are good for one academic year before expiring. 


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